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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

this is a little far fetch but how about ...not having any knowledge of what will happen in the next couple of MCU films...Assuming Loki gets in imprision by Odin and Thor, the Other and Thanos find him and some how he makes a deal with them again some how Loki comes back to Earth, Shield finds out and confronts him. Shield convinces the Avengers to pursue Loki and find out why he has came back to Earth thinking he will try to invade earth. While some of the Avengers are willing to aid maybe ( Cap, Widow Hawk), other Avengers ( Ironman, Thor, Banner) are not so willing to trust Shield cause of prior events. They all become caught off guard when intead Thanos and the Chitarui come knocking down earths door. I know there probally holes in the plot forgive im not a screen writer, but thats an idea i have without intrdocuing to many new things ( which wouldnt be such a bad thing either)

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