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Default Re: Superman Man of Steel (2013) Alien Viral Campaign Launched!

Those are the kind of easter eggs I wanted to see in TDK and TDKR.

I wouldn't mind seeing a GL or something related to that universe in MOS either. However, if this movie is a standalone and doesn't lead to a JL I'm fine with that too.

However, if they did a spinoff with Cavill as Supes in a JL universe I will accept that.

JL and Warner Bros. don't need to copy the Disney/Marvel/Avengers formula by doing a bunch of standalone movies and one big ensemble later. That will take forever like 2015/2016 at the earliest.

I think they should just do a 2 or 3 part film series like Jackson's LOTR/Hobbit. That is more than enough and then standalone and tv series can follow after that.

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