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Default Re: Superman Man of Steel (2013) Alien Viral Campaign Launched!

Originally Posted by Kal-El.9859 View Post
Thank you! Bale's Batman was a dumbass...great movies, I enjoyed watching them, but Nolan dumbed Batman down WAY TOO MUCH

I wouldn't say he was dumbed down, but rather more "realistically" intelligent given the circumstances. Bales's Batman did a lot of pretty clever things when using his detective skills in each of the films, plus the little things like listening to people but acting like he wasn't and later showing that he was paying attention was a clever way of showing how Bruce was clever and paid attention to details.

You also have to take into account the timeframe for which Nolan's Batman actually was a superhero/crimefighter. In the comics Batman studied years and then fought crime for about 10 plus years at least straight. Nolan's Batman was really only around for a few years and didn't have that much time to train and when he did it was only with the League of Shadows.

I think the new Batman in a JL movie needs to be introduced as an established character that has been at it for sometime, no origin stories for him and no flashbacks in a JL movie. There is no time with that.

After that when they do a Batman movie spin off then we can get some flashbacks of him studying with Zatara, ninja masters, League of Shadows, whomever.

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