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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
I actually am completely fine with Selina in BR, because it is a Burton film and has little to do with the comics (i.e. Batman kills, Penguin is a deformed freak raised by super-intelligent penguins in the sewers, Catwoman has 9 lives, etc.).
What I find really funny, is that the fact that Batman kills actually makes him much more believable, than Nolan's one. And, by the way, he kills. He had to kill (or make other do the dirty work). Nolan's Batman had so many issues with this no-kill policy. But back to Catwoman. Burton's Catwoman has A LOT to do with the comics. Proof in the link above.

The changes Nolan made were mostly superficial. He does not call her Catwoman or give her claws and a whip.
Regardless. Violation of comic book origins again. Which people like you always hold for.

But she is a thief, a social climber, very sane and romantically involved with Batman without it being a message about male domination of feminine independence (not that there is anything wrong with that theme).
I don't see her role in the movie as a message of male domination of feminine independence. Yes, it's the context of her transformation. But what's really interesting is how she struggles between her two personalities. Catwoman is entertaining, show stealing.

This subject raised in the comic books. Nothing wrong about it. But why do you keep mentioning that in negative light?

She is both foe to Batman (did people really miss when she betrayed him, reluctantly or not?) and friend (the ending).
Catwoman's psychology and motivation is nicely carved in Batman Returns. She fits Burton's Gotham perfectly. Unfortunately, Anne's Catwoman has some issues with her cat part.

It is pretty much how the character has been presented on the page for 30 years.
Yeah, that's why you just ignore previous 30 years of Catwoman on the page?

Sure she has a cowl, claws and is played amazingly by Pffeifer, but let's not pretend it is remotely similar to the comics..
Jeez, why don't you check the article about Burton's Catwoman comic book origins already? It's useless to talk to a person who has no idea what he's talking about...

I likely prefer the Hathaway one because of fidelity and also because I like the dynamic of Batman and Catwoman being allies instead of her being a generic villain. But I can see the appeal of the other.
She's anything but generic.

Also, yes, I realize she let go of the bird. It is called hyperbole.
No, it's called twisting the fact.

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