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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
I actually am completely fine with Selina in BR, because it is a Burton film and has little to do with the comics (i.e. Batman kills, Penguin is a deformed freak raised by super-intelligent penguins in the sewers, Catwoman has 9 lives, etc.).

But I will not pretend there is a false equivalency. The changes Nolan made were mostly superficial. He does not call her Catwoman or give her claws and a whip. But she is a thief, a social climber, very sane and romantically involved with Batman without it being a message about male domination of feminine independence (not that there is anything wrong with that theme). She is both foe to Batman (did people really miss when she betrayed him, reluctantly or not?) and friend (the ending). It is pretty much how the character has been presented on the page for 30 years.

Pffeifer plays a great Burton character. But she has supernatural powers, is psychotic and is a product of German Expresionism in that the level of her sanity and self-control is correspondent with the level of damage and wholeness of her costume. Sure she has a cowl, claws and is played amazingly by Pffeifer, but let's not pretend it is remotely similar to the comics..

I likely prefer the Hathaway one because of fidelity and also because I like the dynamic of Batman and Catwoman being allies instead of her being a generic villain. But I can see the appeal of the other.
Actually, in considering the details, neither are particularly faithful to the comics. The difference is that Burton seems to have taken the comicbook Catwoman as a starting point, analysed her qualities and her appeal, and extrapolated on them in order to create a character who is divergent to a degree but really embellishes elements that are already there. This is roughly the same approach that Nolan appears to have taken with The Joker, and that is probably why The Joker was the most successful aspect of his whole trilogy.

By comparison, Hathaway's Selina Kyle has the feel of a character that is reverse-engineered. I do not sense any real affection or understanding of her in the script. I can imagine the discussion where Nolan et al realised that they had to put another "name" into the script, and then tried to work out how much of its "comic-booky" quality they could junk. The result is inexplicably bland. It has some elements in common with Catwoman, sure, but were she in some sort of crossover movie you might well not realise who she is meant to be. Your conclusion might be "Catwoman rip-off", at the strongest.

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Also, yes, I realize she let go of the bird. It is called hyperbole.
Or misrepresentation.

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