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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I knew about Jonah Nolan pushing for Catwoman to be included and having to convince Chris to use her, but I never heard of him needing any convincing to use Bane.

Where did you hear that?
I think Goyer pitched the idea when Nolan asked for a physically imposing villain with mental prowess. Likely when Goyer said Bane Nolan may have thought of Bane in Batman & Robin, or The Animated Series (Paul Dini famously hates the character) or pretty much any iteration after Knightfall. And in all honesty if Nolan had even glanced at Knightfall before 2009, he might have written Bane off due to his WWF demeanor.

I imagine he wanted a physically imposing mastermind and once Goyer said Bane was the best choice, the Nolans pretty much redesigned him from the ground up. Christ got rid of the wrestling appearance and Jonah gave him a very historical grounding.

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