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Default Re: Is this the right time to introduce the team-up?

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
Underwhelming response? Some vocal haters tried to shout down the best Superman film ever made. Thats all. 7.7 IMDB (way above any other Superman film on IMDB and the IMDB userbase is this film's target audience), 77% RT audience approval with a 8.0 score, and an A- cinemascore. I've read alot of the rotten tomato critic reviews. Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes. 'Not Joyful enough' 'no humor'. And their reaction to Superman using his strength for anything other then stopping and lifting heavy things that are about to fall on people
Oh well I guess I'll shut my mouth then. The IMDB user base has spoken guys. I guess Man Of Steel was an awesome movie and there's just no arguments about it.

If you really liked the movie, shouldn't that be enough? Why do you feel the need to cite other people's opinions? Who cares what other people think. I thought the film was an absolute mess and you thought it was the best Superman movie ever made. That's it. The movie currently has a lower audience rating on RT than the first Transformers movie. You wanna know what that means? Absolutely nothing. Who cares.

If you wanna pretend the response to Man Of Steel was just overwhelmingly positive, and that it performed as well as WB had originally hoped... well you certainly have that right.

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
You may call it scared, I call it making a good thing better. Batman has to be rebooted at some point in time to fit into the new Justice League universe. Instead of putting the audience through another excruciating origin tale, throw him in there with Superman. Let them grow up together, the universe will feel more real because of it.
Okay, so don't tell an origin tale?

For someone who claims Man Of Steel was the best Superman movie ever made, I'm at amazed at how open you are to the idea of just completely bastardizing the story by shoehorning Batman into the narrative. That is about the furthest thing from a natural progression there is. Because as we all know, the single most important thing in telling Superman's story is Batman. Yup, there was just no other narrative direction for the sequel to go. No. Other. Way. His relationship with Lois, his first encounter with Lex, his ongoing mission to ultimately win humanity's trust...

But nah. Let's see if we could squeeze enough room for a Superman/Batman adventure. That's the most important thing.

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
I actually believe the universe will feel more connected with teammup films as well as solo movies, instead of what Marvel is doing where everyone goes there own way for 3 years before deciding to team up again for a single movie.
Except the key figures in the Avengers were all introduced in their own solo movies and it built to a climax which was Avengers. Meanwhile - if news of a Flash movie is correct - Justice League is gonna kick off after only introducing half the roster over the span of THREE movies! Lol. Hey, who needs build up? In fact while we're at it, let's just toss Wonder Woman into the Flash movie! Why not? It saves everyone the trouble. It won't feel rushed at all!

This is all so obviously a desperate attempt to kick things off and catch up in the race against Marvel. Nothing more. They were hoping back in 2011 that Green Lantern could have been that spark. It failed. Then they pinned their hopes on Man Of Steel. It failed. How do we know? Because in the week leading up to the release before it got torn to shreds, there were talks about fast tracking the sequel. And there was absolutely no mention of Batman whatsoever.

They got scared. Pure and simple.

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