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Default X-Men Apocalypse News and Discussion

It's time since they are wasting no time here

I will start on facts

Bryan Singer will direct marking fourth X-Men film behind the Camera

Lauren Shueller Donnor,Singer,and Simon Kinberg are the producers

Singer,Kinberg,Michael Dougherty,and Dan harris devolped the story

Dougherty,Harris,and Kinberg will write the script

James Mcavoy,Michael fassbender,Jennifer Lawrence,and Nicholas Hoult will return fullfilling the 3 film deals they made when they were cast for First Class

Apocalypse will be villain

The story will be somewhat based On The Age of APocalypse storyline

The film will be set In 1980's

The film will have other familar characters In it with Gambit and Nightcrawler
mentioned by Singer as possibiltys

The events of X-Menays of future past makes what goes down In Apocalypse possible

Apocalypse's origins as first mutant will be explored

It's unknown at this time If Hugh Jackman will return for Apocalypse

It's also up In the air on Evan Peters,Lucas Till,Any FC actors who missed DOFP,or any other OT actors appearing In Apocalypse

The visual imagry may be bigger than DOFP with some Disaster Move Imagry
part of film

X-Men:Apocalypse Is set for May 27 2016 Release

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