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Default Re: X-Men Apocalypse News and Discussion

I don't feasibly see any way to include anyone from the OT cast, unless there are in fact multiple timelines and it's not exclusively 80's.

I do feel there will be multiple timelines and not just Apocalypse's origin in the distant past. But I am thinking future scenes will involve X-Force characters and not OT characters.

If physical time travel was possible, there will be way too many paradoxes to contend with. I think in terms of Apocalypse himself, if he isn't a physical time traveler, then he'll simply wake up earlier in the new timeline.

I also would not discount Sinister as the main villain in the 80's. Apocalypse could be the background player like Thanos, although with a much larger presence than an after credit scene. But a Sinister/Gambit storyline is more aptly placed in a late 80's X-Men.

I think this film wraps up the FC arc. The next trilogy will be based on X-Force characters.

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