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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
Sorry, buddy. Just had to set the record straight on Widow's "contribution."

That decision by Cap always confuses me. I mean, it adds the suspense of "oh, will he or won't he make it?", but it's a false suspense built upon an out-of-character decision by Cap, written by Whedon. What's dumb is that it would have made sense if Whedon had just written in that the nuclear explosion was threatening to reach the portal and affect Earth. But he didn't. Instead, they wait for what seems like just a few seconds, and then Cap tells her to close it as if he had given up on Iron Man coming back. WTF? /end rant, I promise!
It also would have made sense if the nuclear bomb hadn't stopped the soldiers, but cutting off the transmission did. They made it feel like the portal being open was a threat, even though there was no actual threat described or specified. It's funny, Whedon kept saying it's a very flawed film, but I'm always like 'yeah, I guess so' but I think that's part of what he's talking about.

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