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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Rate & Review Iron Man 2 continued...

I've always felt Iron Man 2 gets a confusingly harsh rap.

For one thing, people go on an on about it having too much Avengers set up. WHAT? There are two minor scenes that are directly referencing SHIELD and the Avengers. The diner scene and the end of the film. The rest of Nick Fury's screen time is there to give exposition about Howard Stark and his history with Whiplash and his father. And Black Window contributes to the plot of the film and has a nice character moment with Tony. Hardly just them "setting up the Avengers". One of the most overblown criticisms of the recent comic book films I've ever seen.

I will agree this films narrative isn't as focused as the first, but as character study of Tony, it's JUST AS STRONG as the first. The humor is dead on, the performance are dead on and the action is better executed on all fronts (aside from the infamously short Whiplash fight in the finale) especially the end battle with the drones.

One of the most underrated superhero movies ever.

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