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Default Re: Young Justice Cartoon - Part 7

Originally Posted by J the Drafter View Post
Much thanks. Another YouTuber, "Young Justice", has the ending as well, though that's mirrored. Spoilers for the episode, now.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
As much as M'Gann had been going a brain-rape spree, this is also a consequence of Nightwing's insistence on absolute secrecy. What did he think would happen when he brought a bunch of hereos not in the loop into a possible confrontation with Aqualad? Also, are we to assume that the Reach's press conference is going to prevent the League from warning the world that the Reach is responsible for multiple kidnappings and experimentation on humans? They are the Justice League, after all, and that's got to hold some clout in both the public and in official departments. There are also the many escapees who should willingly attest to the fact that the Reach held them prisoner.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Except he knew nothing of M'gann's problems. Only Conner did, and secrets or not. He should've told Nightwing or The League about them. But he didn't, because he was emotionally involved.

As far as the League telling the public of what The Reach is responsible for, what proof do they have? All they have are a bunch of kids. But those kids CAN'T prove The Reach kidnapped them.
As far as the public goes, Godfrey probably has them believing they come in peace with no secrets, as opposed to the Justice League who came "through the back door."

Also going forward with this without a shred of evidence would cause a huge PR backlash for them, since to the Public; The Reach would be coming in peace, while the League would just seemingly be stirring up trouble by calling them unpeaceful with NOTHING to show for it, but a bunch of kidnapped kids. And Godfrey could just say they were trained actors and the public MIGHT believe it.

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