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Angry Re: LEAST favorite villain

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
I have to agree with this. I've never liked Harley Quinn. I think she gets a lot of love from people who grew up on BTAS and only knew that before reading the comics. I was reading the comics before BTAS so she's never been nothing more than a nuisance to me and when they finally put her in the comics back in the late 90's I just face palmed. She's just a detriment to The Joker and always has been and it gets annoying to have to read through dozens of metaphors for abusive relationships everytime those 2 are together.
I think the character may have some potential but it's her own fanbase that holds her back.Most Harley fans are also diehard Harley/Joker shippers and anything that messes up that fantasy =automatically crap.Case in point the new Suicide Squad series,that book has a lot of flaws but the only thing that seems to bother the readers is Harley dating Deadshot SHEESH.

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