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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by TheNolan View Post
I did not cry. I laughed at everything in the final act. The ending was artificial and tacked-on. I cringed at Talia's reveal. I cringed at Talia's death. I laughed when Bane died. I said curse words when I saw the Explosion and the Batman statue. I cringed when I found out that Bruce Wayne was still alive.

The movie turned into a mess about halfway, and I lost faith in the second half. To me, Nolan's batman ended in TDK. The High point in TDKR was when Bane beat the crap out of Batman, and imprisoned him. My emotional investment soared. Subsequent events removed it all.
That's too bad. I personally loved the second half, the ending is actually one of my fav endings of all time and of the trilogy. Tacked on? Not even close. Very emotional ending in my opinion, and for my friends and for a lot of ppl here i guess.

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