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Default Re: Hulk's anger and Strength

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
The security guard's comment was meant as a bit of humor, that's how I took it. atleast. Given the end of the conversation, that scene was for humor, so I wouldn't exactly count it was what happened, just good humor..."good aim"

I have gone sky diving before too. It is fun.

But it is totally different. Jumping out of a plane and knowing what you are doing is one thing. Being on top of a plane, and being launched off due to the explosion is a little different than sky diving.

Secondly, I doubt very much Hulk has sky diving experience.

So if we eliminate the possibility that Hulk has gone skydiving before, and was prepared for this event lol, then I am willing to say more than likely, he didn't choose where he fell
But in a fictional setting, people always seem to know what the heck to do when they skydive even if it's their first time.

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