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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - - Part 15

Here is another review of the first 10 minutes of TWS from Collider. Unfortunately he didn't dig the footage as much as other people, but other sites that reviewed the footage such as Empire, CraveOnline, iamrogue, seemed to have loved the footage...

Anyways – Captain America infiltrates the luxury liner and engages in hand-to-hand combat with some woefully under-prepared pirates. Much of the action scenes interestingly enough are shot hand-held, the camera jerking back and forth & racking focus constantly. It’s not quite ‘Bourne Identity-level jerky camera’ – but I’d say it’s equatable (most recently) to ‘Robocop (2014)-level jerky camera’, if not somewhat more incomprehensible. Call me old fashioned – but it’s a little disappointing that the sequel seemingly has abandoned Joe Johnston’s classically staged and clear cut action sequences in favor of the newfound fad of shaky ‘You’re there in the midst of it’ action choreography.

I wish I could say that the Russo Brothers impressed me based on the footage screened – but much of it looked flat and journeyman. Gone is the heightened color schematic of First Avenger, instead replaced with a much darker and non-descript look. The pirate/luxury liner fight sequence reminded me a lot of the opening evacuation sequence in The Avengers – in that while technically competent, it lacked any sort of specific vision. Yeah – it’s cool to watch Captain America super-punch a pirate off a boat or the Black Widow effortlessly mow down any number of baddies – but this opening sequence is content with just that: being cool. It doesn’t have the nostalgic edge that Johnston brought to First Avenger’s action beats or the smart-ass playfulness that Shane Black brought to Iron Man 3’s.
Read the rest here and what he liked about the footage.

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