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Default Re: The Official "The Dark Knight Is Overrated" Thread.

It's because Goyer and Nolan intended on Gotham being a regular looking city all along. I think Goyer said that if they had their way, Gotham would have looked like TDK's for Begins. But as a story, i always see it as they're moving into the downtown parts of Gotham. Where it looks different. It's also been a year or so post-Begins and they've cleaned up the city a little bit.

It never bothered me because this was always supposed to be a "what if Gotham was a real city in the United States like New York or Chicago". It wouldn't work in Burton's universe, hell it'll probably be grimier in Snyders because of Detroit. But for this im cool with it.

There are people who want CBM's to be dark like that and that's not fair. Spider-Man shouldn't be like that you know? I do want to see some characters take a more serious direction though and im glad they went that route with the new Captain America. I think he has the potential to be a cross between Superman and Batman. Winter Soldier nailed that balance. It's something i think they missed on with the first Cap movie.

But Spidey or Flash, or Iron Man don't need to be taken seriously for the majority of a film. That's the opposite of what should happen.

Sometimes i feel like the Two-Face stuff was rushed in order to kill him off and close that chapter. But i dont think his anger wasn't justified. Look what happened to his face, to his future wife. If there was no pep talk from Joker in the hospital, i would agree with you, but that exists.

What you say about the ferry scene is just not true. The hokey stuff you see only has to do with the extras and how they act. Otherwise how would that fit into an Iron Man movie or something lighter? It's extremely dark and deep when you think of it. Like Michael Uslan says, that was never done in a comic book movie before. A boat full of prisoners who have stolen and murdered versus a boat full of "innocent" citizens. Both are given the chance to blow the other sky-high to save their own ass. Is it right for the innocent to do that to those prisoners and guards? That wouldn't make them innocent anymore, it would make them even worse. Jokers counting on it and none of them commit the act. Even the murderers know better. Batman proves it to Joker, yet Joker shows his true colors when he goes about blowing them all up out of panic and disgust with the situation. That entire scene tells so much about humanity. Something fantastical comic book movies or lighter ones don't touch upon because it's not their job to.

You will never see that in a Spidey as cool as they can get.

I think Bale's performance is not bland. It's underrated. A subtle, quieter performance always gets overlooked. The nuances are all top notch with Bale in this one. Loud performances with more screen time does not always equal "better".

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