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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by lars573 View Post
Nope. Thats Onslaught who froms part of Bruticus in Superlink. It's Barricade who forms part of Bruticus Maxmius in Energon. Takara TF's!=Hasbro TF's.
In a way, yes they're not exact match.

"In the parallel universe of 2004's Transformers: Energon a combining team of five robots similar to the Combaticons exists, who form the giant robot known as Bruticus Maximus (simply Bruticus in Japan).
The team consists of Barricade (Onslaught in Japan), the leader of the team who forms the central body of Bruticus Maximus, and the four limbs, Blight (Brawl) and Kickback (Swindle), who become tanks, and Blackout (Vortex) and Stormcloud (Blast Off), who transform into helicopters. Each one can form either an arm or a leg for Bruticus Maximus"

Ergo, Barricade is an analog to Onslaught, as do Bruticus Maximus is the analog of Bruticus. So Barricade is actually "Onslaught" to form Bruticus Maximus (I'm missing the quotes).

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