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Summary of Dan Gilroy script:

The film starts on Krypton, where Jor-El is working on a computer called Brainiac. However, once Kal-El is born, Jor-El abandons his work to spend time with his son. Brainiac is jealous of Kal-El, so he destroys Krypton...but not before Kal-El escapes. Brainiac vows to hunt down Kal-El and kill him.

Flash forward 30 years. Lex Luthor's LexCorp company discovers that a UFO crash-landed in Smallville. Lois investigates the story and discovers that the shuttlecraft landed on the Kent farm, forcing Superman--who she's been having a full-blown affair with--to reveal his secret identity to her. (And since he has no clue to his origins, this whole spaceship thing comes as a shock to Superman.) Brainiac comes to Earth with Doomsday in tow, merges with Luthor to become "Lexiac," and takes over LexCorp. Luring Superman to the LexCorp tower, Lexiac sics Doomsday on the Man of Steel, and the two kill each other in battle. Lexiac then confiscates the world's nukes and tries to seduce Lois. Meanwhile, Superman is revived by "K," the still-living, combined essence of Jor-El and Lara. Initially powerless upon his rebirth, Superman uses sheer willpower to regain his lost powers. A final fight ensues, in which Superman separates Luthor and Brainiac with one second left on the nuclear clock. In the end, Superman becomes fully aware of his alien origins, saves the world...and finds out that Lois is pregnant with his kid!

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