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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by J0k3r View Post
I agree. The most interesting aspect of Bruce and Selina relationship in comics, cartoons or any other place is see how their interactions affect each other, without the "couple" thing. They aren't that in Rises, they are kinda building some embasament to be that someday. And I liked we just saw the "start" of that because, at first, to me, seeing them as a stable couple is... I don't know, boring. And second, because I don't know if Nolan could write that properly.
stable couple ---consider that pearl necklace(and there could be months or nearly a year has past between aftermath of Bane's occupation and Florence cafe scene)

boring---I think it depends,if someone can creat a exquisite story such as the one(Adaptation) written by "Yours Hopefully", then nothing boring but outstanding(good enough for me).

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