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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
If they portray Thor in the same way that the last season of EMH's did when it comes to how much he evens the playing field for his teammates, I think that would help. The episode where Thor comes back to help the group take on the Skrulls and where he returns to NYC to confront Galactus was just beyond epic imho and I loved on how everyone was aware on how powerful Thor is; heck it took nearly everything that Ultron had to subdue Thor when he was being ganged up by the robot versions of the Avengers.
That was so awesome. It really showed what Thor unrestrained is capable of.

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
He'd be more popular if Marvel stopped messing around and showed us what he's really capable of.
Nail on the head

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Dude we're always on the same page, because that's EXACTLY what I've been saying.

Honestly I wish they've would've done that in TA, but I guess it's not too late they can always do it in TA2.

I would like for him to get a power boost in Thor 2 though, it's about time they show what Thor's really made of.
Originally Posted by DOOZlovesBOOZ View Post
Count me as another that is tired of them holding out on Thors powers. Hoping to see mjolnir used to open portals since they are traveling to another realm(s).
I don't want to see just portal opening. I want to see him to all sorts of things with it. Big Lightning storms, energy blasts, portals. Like blasts that are clearly not lightning.

I want lightning to surge from his eyes, and I want a moment where he summons a storm without mjolnir. I've envisioned it something like, he gets knocked away from mjolnir when fighting Kurse and Malekith. And He summons a lightning storm, and they both sort of look at him. And Thor says something along the lines of "Mjolnir is but a tool, the thunder and lightning are in my blood, and are mine to comand"

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Understood that but people in "your circle" and the GA as a whole are entirely two different things.

I'm speaking from Twitter reactions, news articles, and everyone's conversations all three times I went to see TA.

I want him to wear a costume that's very similar to his sleeveless costume with the cape from the IM fight in TA.

Imo it accentuates Hemsworth's muscles and makes Thor look alot more invulnerable since he doesn't need to wear armor.
In all honesty, I would love if the did a bigger homage. Like, hae his pants blue. And honestly give him golden boots. Literally, when he fought Ironman, it was almost there. Just make his boots yellow, and his pants blue. That works for me.

It's literally a modern day movie version of the classic thor look.

Which i truly miss in the comics these days

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