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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by carrrnuttt View Post

Considering we were talking about the logic of putting Pepper in armor versus your inane attempts to talk down said logic, I don't get why you're trying to sound smug. Like you won something.
It might be because your response was so inane that I didn't feel it warranted anything more than what I wrote.

Soldiers/Spies - Their fights are usually away from where their loved ones are, but you BET their families WILL be armed and as armored as they can possibly be if the fight somehow reached their doorsteps.

Comforting thought, if it existed anywhere in the real world, and not just in the realm of sheer fantasy within your own head. Watch any video of, or read any news report of, any war zone anywhere any time since time began, and try to find *any* instance of them handing out suits of armor or bulletproof vests to civilians caught in the line of fire.

Go ahead: I'll wait.

There's only one that's used for civilians caught in the line of fire: casualties. Or maybe two words: collateral damage.

I wish things worked the way you said, and that weapons and armor grew on trees, and that civilians could magically go unharmed when bad guys start shooting at them, but reality isn't rainbows and moonbeams. It's cold and hard, and it kills.

Law Enforcement - Although they are in the local community, again, their battles are usually away from home. With that being said, most LEOs I know with families more often than not train their families how to defend their homes. They usually do this by training responsible family members with firearms, and making sure that these same family members know how to access the said firearms and bulletproof vests/shields as they apply. They also teach outside awareness to the same family members for when they aren't home and might be targeted.
Again with your fantasies. Sure, some cops have "the family that shoots together stays together" attitude, and I have a few in my own family tree. And I also know plenty of cops who *don't* have that attitude, and whose wives and/or kids have never picked up a gun in their lives.

And yeah, I "won" this silly argument by virtue of what we now know about this movie. The "Rescue armor" is nothing more than one of Tony's Extremis suits that he claps onto her to protect her during the mansion attack; *not* something he's lovingly crafted for her personal protection and long-term use as a his-n-hers matching set.


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