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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
I do not attack The Joker, The Guard or really any of this movie's many, many critics. But you keep making single sentence posts that say "Nolan makes boring movies." or "Nobody understands them because they are long and boring" (yes I am paraphrasing) and then come in here and list every single performance in the film as LOL-inducing.

As The Joker, no fan of TDKR if you look around, said, you are trying too hard to hate this movie. If you want a real discussion, start one. There are plenty on the board.
If you don't like me, just put me on ignore. But no, you're going to call me out and cherry pick everything I post. Get others together, and become like a lynch mob chanting "TROLL TROLL TROLL" and cause such disruption that the moderators will have no choice but to ban me, just to appease the crowd.

If I can't even have my own opinion, what's the point of posting here? Am I just here to follow the crowd. Maybe I should just tag along and act timid, for fear of troll accusations being levelled at me by people like you.

But I have to wonder, what compels you so much to go around accusing others of trolling? Did you have a bad childhood? I would like to discuss your issues, man.

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