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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
We haven't heard about it because they are trying to keep it secret. Duh.
To which what on earth would be the reason to keep it secret?

Hey, I'm just as disappointed as you but I see no reason for there to be a cover up. Because what would they be covering up?

You're free to think that there is, but everything is pointing to there isn't.

This isn't something marketing people would cover up. Because, why would they cover up something as simple as a fight?

To just "be a surprise on screen" -- it's not that simple enough, these people think in dollar signs, they'd give away a character dying if they figured they could make money off it. And they could make money off of a fight being there. Especially what this fight would be. So, why cover it up?

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