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Default Re: "...a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent": Does this not worry anyone els

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Experience and age does matter a lot. An age gap and experience of 10 years or over takes away from the idea that they grew up together but on different paths and from their almost twin-brotherly relationship. They're not exactly equals anymore.
Well, if your chief concern is that they remain the same age and experience level, I guess it would be a problem. :-)

I was just commenting that if they handle things well, it might not be so bad for Batman to be a little older.

And the "weary" part doesn't bother me too much...I know that my sister worked for children's services, and burned out after just three years. If Batman is basically fighting crime alone in Gotham, which is a *****ed up place on a good day, then it's easy to see how he could be worn out after just a few years.

So perhaps we're going to get a Batman who is inspired by Superman, and a Superman who gets to learn how to better fight his battles.

It would be a fair trade-off, and while their ages and experience levels differ, they'd be equals in the most important ways.

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