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Originally Posted by Spike_x1 View Post
"I am so pleased that you could find time for a meeting with me, considering your busy schedule, Mr. Cobblepot."

Despite what many of the men and women in his new organization thought, Bane was not at all beyond cooperating with the other gangsters in Gotham, provided that they still served his purposes. He was not truly obsessed with personally controlling every aspect of organized crime in the city; alliances were not out of the question, assuming that his rivals in the underworld were smart enough to make them before it was too late.

"A gifted player knows when not to sacrifice his pawns in a futile effort, Mr. Bane. I have seen from the sidelines what you and your forces have done to the lower, street level operations of the likes of Falcone and Maroni. My friend here, Bird Colossimo," Cobblepot gestured to his blond haired bird trainer leaning against the far wall, "has personally talked to some of the witnesses of your acts that you put in the hospital for peddling their wares on street corners. They say that you've bottle necked many of the illegal activities of your mob rivals, causing a good deal of stress. Maroni in particular has been acting quite paranoid and irrational lately." The sleek, yet stout man sipped from the glass of fine cognac that Bane's servants had given him. "You have proven yourself capable of feats that, singlehandedly, I had not thought possible. And now that you have built yourself a small army and have them backing you up..." Cobblepot's voice trailed off before he gave a light chuckle. "A war with you would not benefit anyone. Cooperation is far less messy; I have supplies that I'm certain you could find uses for, while the manpower you have at your disposal could help with my drug smuggling and--"

"No drugs. No human trafficking." Bane stated with a non-negotiable tone, his large hands on his hips and his monstrous frame towering over Cobblepot even more than it would over a man of average height. "I grew to manhood in the hellish prison of Peña Duro, and I have seen first hand the effects that those have had on the human spirit. They can be worse than death."


"I have no qualms with any other part of your operation and I will provide aid to you in those areas, but if you wish to continue your human and drug trafficking, you will do so without my help."

Oswald growled under his breath for a brief moment before resigning to Bane's terms. Even with the large brute's restrictions on their deal, it was still very much a win-win scenario for Cobblepot if he went through with it. If he protested, however, Oswald surmised that he likely wouldn't leave this room alive, even with Bird behind him and his bodyguards standing just outside the door of Bane's meeting room.

"I believe that we have a deal." As he put his empty glass down on its coaster and raised his hand to Bane in agreement, Cobblepot was almost taken aback by the sheer size of the hand that engulfed his in the handshake.


Later, after the penguin-like man had left, Bane wished to remain alone in the meeting room. Clasping his hands behind his back, he stared out the floor-to-ceiling window. "My Talia," he sighed, "You will be avenged soon." Even as thoughts of his vengeful mission pushed him forward, Bane could not help but think back to how this had all come to pass; the mask he now wears, the mask Wayne wears, Talia's betrayal and death, and Gotham City herself. Bane had found he had become a shattered reflection of Bruce Wayne and his Batman persona, both men striving to control Gotham in their own way. Perhaps that was Fate's cruel irony for Bane; to become more and more like his hated foe.

But was there a point to any of it in the end? After finally crushing Wayne... what next? There would be little point in ruling Gotham after that. How Bane wished that the Bat would simply show himself already and bring these drawn out events to a close!

Suddenly the building shook as an explosion rang out several floors below. He's here! Fate brings him to meet me at last! Barging open the doors to his large balcony, Bane was met with roaring flames. The Batman was being far more aggressive than Bane had predicted, and he couldn't be more pleasantly surprised.

That was when he saw the intruder who had caused the explosions, standing out on Bane's balcony and looking quite enraged. "You're not Batman." He made no effort to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"You have changed your uniform, but your stance, your movements; I recognize you from the circus. Begone, young one. You are not the opponent I want." Still standing in the middle of a burning balcony in his tailored suit, Bane's mask couldn't hide his contempt.

"I set fire to your home and you don't even want to fight me?!" exclaimed the newcomer in disbelief.

"This building doesn't matter to me in the slightest. None of my material possessions do, and neither do you or your actions."

"This whole town is going nuts, and organized crime is at the heart of it all. You're the new rising star around here, so I'm gonna make an example out of you! Even when I was in Belsaraph's circus, I could see that Gotham is--"

"I did not ask about your motives or the circus," Bane said, cutting Azrael off. "I have seen your movements and skills in action when you and your compatriots fought the Batman. You are not at all unskilled in combat, but you have much to learn still. Perhaps with time and experience, you could become something more." If Bane cared about Azrael's surprise at the mention of his battle with Batman being spied on, it didn't show. His criticism of raw fighting style appeared to strike a nerve, however.

"Listen, I gave the Bat a real run for his money and I don't need to hear this **** from the likes of you!"

"You fought him as he was tired from his battle with that "Killer Croc" monster, and you lost all the same. Out of the many remarkable citizens of Gotham, only three of them would I consider my peers in the art of hand to hand combat. You are not one of them. I will say this once more: Leave."

Without another word, Azrael predictably rejected Bane's words and lunged forward, slashing across his enemy's chest and carving the expensive suit into ribbons. Recoiling from the assault, Bane didn't bother to futily clutch the bleeding cuts on his chest or express pain from the attack. Instead, he prepared himself for his assailant's inevitable second pass. Like clockwork, the red and black clad man shot his foot out in a high kick aimed for Bane's jaw.

"No." In a blur of motion silhouetted by the light of the fire around them, Bane yanked Azrael in closer and shattered several of the smaller man's ribs with a sickening crunch. "You have speed and astonishing skill with a blade. No one living could ever deny that fact. The potential waiting inside of you is the only reason I will let you live and get to a hospital. Perhaps you will grow into something of greatness one day. Live and learn, and go back the way you came."

No more words were exchanged between the two men after Bane released Azrael's leg and turned around to walk back into the building. Another man might consider it foolish to turn one's back on someone who had just announced his intention to do harm; but, reckless as he might be, Azrael seemed to find something in Bane's words to make him reconsider. Diving off of the balcony and retreating back into the night air, Jean Paul Valley knew that he would have a rematch with Bane someday, and things would be different.

Back inside his office, Bane summoned his lieutenants and ordered the evacuation of the building. The firefighters would deal with it, but trying to maintain his operation there would be a lost cause. The young man with the flaming swords had actually achieved some small measure of victory, and under his mask Bane held a slight smile at the thought. Yes, he has potential indeed.

"Look into the soul of Bane and know the truth. We will topple your kingdom if it takes an eternity. We will defeat Hell."

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