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Default Re: Things That Would Get You Interested In This Movie

Originally Posted by Willie Lumpkin View Post
I am interested in seeing the film and I don't hate the project, so I can't answer the question as it was asked.

I am highly skeptical, and I think it would be nearly impossible for the studio - after giving us two crap movies and showing no tangible signs of changing their ways up to this point - to remove that skepticism any time soon.

The best thing they could do over the next couple months is spend some time convincing me that they respect the source material (the source material being the 50 year run, not UFF), they want to bring the source material to the big-screen and they're investing appropriate resources to bring that source material to the screen.

The problem is words at this point won't sway me (unless those words are crafted much better than I believe anyone associated with this project is capable of delivering). People associated with the first two films spent time telling us they were doing the right things but ultimately didn't, so I will greet any similar words we get now with the cynicism that Fox earned with their past performance.

Production sketches could do a lot, but I'm sure they won't reveal those at this point.

I think the only realistic chance they have - up until the point they unveil a trailer - is to deliver a consistent message that they value and understand these characters and intend to do everything possible to invest the time, talent and money to do them right. And they need to make sure their actions (in terms of all the things we can actually observe) are consistent with that message.

Since everything up until this point has pretty much been the exact 180 degree opposite of that, I would be very surprised if they start now - but that doesn't mean I won't continue to hope.
The film actually is based on UFF (source) and they even hired Mark Millar as a "creative consultant" (source). So you're pretty much saying you'll never see this movie, even though it's based on a legitimate branch of the comics series and the last film to draw from its Ultimates counterpart, TASM, was incredibly successful.

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