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Default Re: War Machine Better Be in This One

I don't think we'll see Falcon or War Machine in this movie. If we do, it may just be as Sam Wilson and James Rhodes and it may be similar to Erik Selvig or Pepper Potts.

We might not see them in Avengers 3 either. By the time the Avengers 3 comes out, we'll have already seen (Besides Thor and Cap sequels):

- Guardians of the Galaxy
- Doctor Strange
- Ant Man
- Black Panther
- Luke Cage

And all of them (except for GOTG) will probably be in Avengers 3 depending upon the plot of Avengers 3 and these other films. Heck, there are already rumored choices for Dr. Strange and BP and those two (and Luke Cage) have not been officially announced yet.

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