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Default Re: Is anyone else hoping they don't fight?

Originally Posted by MrsKent26 View Post
I just gonna hope that, against all odds, they've found a way to do it that isn't silly and doesn't make the characters look idiotic. Maybe the fight isn't what we think. Who knows.
Well, Avengers gave us both ways. Thor and Iron Man looked dumb for fighting and Cap had to put a stop to that. Then, we had Loki messing with their minds to have them all argue and in Cap and Iron Man's case, thinking having a physical fight will solve their argument in a good way.

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Well Lex convinced Batman to fight Superman to show him what a human can do, it us kind of random I suppose but Batman wants to see what Superman can do.
The set-up just didn't work for me. I could get Lex giving Bruce the Green K as a gift or whatever. But, Superman coming out of nowhere to beat up Batman was just a head-scratcher to me. And it took getting his ass kicked and not was Lex said, to convince Bruce to give Lex what component he was missing to make Hope. Ook.

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