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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by chiefchirpa View Post
You want to dabble on little things. Very well.

It says Sam "Spike" Witwicky. "Spike" is his callname. It doesn't get called in the movie, because
Hasbro stated very firmly from the beginning they didn't want a G1 movie

Blackout was initially intended to be Vortex, and Devastator was initially be named (and still within Toys) to be Brawl. Barricade wasn't in G1 shows (but in G1 toys), well if there's a TV shows about Barricade is not gonna be in Beast Wars but in G1-expansion.
Sadly, you're wrong. Because Blackout is not a combaticon named Vortex and Barricade is not a G1 micromaster for the Decepticon race team. Blackout was, however, a character in which he is unrelated as well.
I don't see the similarity. You're just pushing something that's not exact fact.
Well considering Rhinox had a similar voice, duel gattling guns ....I'd have to say the parrallels are apparent. Ironhide was chief of security.
Hmm, I didn't remember it. Well, if someone or something did a gait moving from one building to another, is it supposed to be copying from Beast Wars cartoon? Being Michael Bay, I think he would rather copy it from King Kong or simply made it so because that's the simplest way of doing a CGI object movement.
Transformers movie, not a king kong tribute. If they took it they took it from Beast Wars much like the Prime-Lips
Man, if an originally non-TF fan like Michael Bay wants to make a movie, he will create his own initial stories and don't have to copy anything from any TF shows. If there are origins stories that suit him, he will take it as long as it depicts largely G1-based characters and mythos.
Well the writers wrote the story, not Bay and they were given the recent Transformers cartoons and comics as reference. Not surprising that Armada and Infiltation would seem to be the plots used.

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