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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxing View Post
That's the most ridiculous crap I ever heard. The only reason G1 gets re-referenced is copyright issues.
It's not copyright issue. G1 is referenced in the movie because it will based largely on G1. What's stopping Dreamworks to use name Optimal Prime or Gigatron? Nothing. Optimus Prime and Megatron is there because they want to make a movie largely based on G1.

That's why Optimus, Megatron and Starscream show up in future incarnations because they don't want to lose those characters.
Lose to what? You're cutting the sentences to short or you're alluding to something immaterial.

And yes they are highly marketable, but keep in mind Optimus, Megatron and some form of Starscream and Bumblebee have all been part of the Transformers-verse.
Yes, so? TF fans know more about Starscream than Waspinator. Bumblebee more than Cheetor.

G1 died 20 years ago, they make future incarnations to sell a new product, not an old one.
G1 doesn't die, bonehead. The writers are asked to research Generation 1 TF in making the movie.

Hasbro in fact is the one who adviced them to drastically change all the designs.
Captain Obvious. No need to explain this me.

They were originally going to call them Soundwave, but dropped that as well. It's immaterial, they called him Blackout.
Soundwave -> Soundbyte -> Frenzy
Vortex -> Blackout

The guy who did the voice of Rhinox does Ironhide's voice in the game dumbass.
What's this has to do with the game or the voice actor?

Ironhide in the movie is to reference G1 Ironhide character. Not Rhinox and his voice actor.

And Optimus Prime was a monkey for quiet some time. As me and Lars have tried to tell you, this is not a G1 movie. It's a combination of ALL the franchises being celebrated in one movie.
You don't read the Wiki page I gave you. Is this always an issue with you to never listening to other people's reasoning?

Short version: they're looking at the G1 lore, but made modifications later because some of things told in G1 is not appropriate for the movie - including the alt.mode, the Ark and so on.
So what, me and Lars point still stands it's not a G1 movie, it's a 20 years of Transformers movie. And furthermore the Alt.mode is the same as his G2 form bud.
What's this you're trying to take a buddy on this issue? Haha, lily-livered can't stand up by yourself.

The reason that there's changes on the alt mode is because of decisions. They at one point consider Bumblebee as a VW Bug (thoght it off because it will be similar to Herbie) and Optimus as the original cab trailer (thought it off because it will be too short).

G1 was a comic before it was a show. So by your logic the Marvel comic was the inspiration...except for the fact that the producers didn't look towards that comic, and were instead sent the IDW and Dreamwave books instead.
Toys -> Show -> Comic.

You're the one who keeps shouting G1 film like a chicken with it's head cut off, not that article. It just mentions that DeSanto and Murphy sought to make a G1 film then goes onto say how Bay and Hasbro pushed them away from that.
Read my post above this. It's largely based on G1, no matter how you want to diss the G1 lore.

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