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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxing View Post
Since Beast Wars means after, not during. G1 did use a combination, only because of the toyline not the storyline.
Dinobots, Predacons, etc

You're just plain ignorant.

Incorrect. Beast Wars voice actors are just as common, if not moreso at BotCon conventions and are often the biggest draw. David Kaye and Gary Chalk are easily just as beloved, and just as big a draw.
You don't suppose to negate that Peter Cullen is more famous as Optimus Prime (or Frank Welker as Megatron) than David Kaye and Gary Chalk, huh?

In fact the That message board will virtually blacklist you for liking G1. Here check this thread:
Wow, is there a board that bans people from discussing G1? Amazing.

I don't care, idle-head. TF is not my life and I said all along I'm not a G1 purist.

Okay, but they took that from future incarnations, not G1.
Who are you to say that they took it from future incarnations? Do you have evidences or you're just pulling it from somewhere I don't want to smell.

I did. End of story.
I said "But tell me, is it a monopoly of BW to have a smaller cast, and G1 must always have a large cast of robots?"

You said: "I did. End of story"


"Loosely" is the key word. Except for Optimus and Megatron's eternal struggle, when they abandone the premise, story, animation style, voice actors, writing staff and basically anything else you can think of. It's not G1, it's is its own thing.
Read the Wiki.

Refer to what Lars said
Next time, if you want to uphold your arguments please bring all the evidences need it for me to look at easily.

G1 doesn't hold a monopoly on Car Robots. And as you pointed out even G1 used Beasties. If G1 were the best way to convey Transformers it wouldn't have been cancelled in 1987.
Who says G1 has a monopoly on Car Robots? I might say G1 has both beasts and vehicular alt-modes, and BW can only stick with beasts because the storyline restricts it.

GI JOE and He-Man were cancelled in the 80's. It doesn't stop producers to make movie based on them, yes? I don't know if you have reading comprehension or the stronghead of yours skipped the part on the Wiki link I gave you where it says clearly that the producers are aiming for a TF movie based on G1-lore.

I can disable your whole argument with one sentence actually: G1 is not a fiction, it's a toyline designation. You need some help explaining that for you. Here it goes. Hasbro sells toys, G1 was created to sell those toys, when new toys are made ergo a new show is made unconnected to the prior show. G1 is a continuity that is not a rolling continuity like Marvel, it had a definite end and several reboots of the Transformers line have followed. Transformers doesn't build off of it's fiction, it builds off of it's toyline. That's why all it's fictions are so drastically different.
If G1 is not an ongoing-lore, why the comics and reimagined animated series still exists? IIRC there will be Avengers vs Transformers comics coming this month. The said Transformers will be G1 characters, not BW characters.

What's my argument anyway? That the movie is largely based on G1? Check. I stick to my point, pal. Not like you "the movie is based on BW, no Armada, no Energon, ah it's just not based on G1." Haha. And that dual gatling guns. ROLFMAO. Check your eyes to the nearest opthalmologist. I'm willing it's not your eyes that are damaged. It's your mind.

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