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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxing View Post
As reboots and relaunches that appeal to a very small market. IDW isn't a huge comic producer. And furthermore they aren't "ongoing". No comic (aside from G2) has ever built off G1 comics. This new IDW series will feature, for example, a Nightbeat who is not a headmaster, a Hot Rod who has a different alt mode, a Prowl that is a Nissan Z, and a Megatron that is a tank. In addition Galvatron is not Megatron upgraded this time around. So no, not ongoing.
Any reimagining of G1 will carry on as time changes. Say you're living in 2030, are you still going to read TFs that has an alt-mode of 80's period vehicles. Maybe so, but this material is not gonna be popular with readers at that time. 2030 readers want to see updated TFs. Reimagining is a given. Even so for a movie watched by people not accustomed to the cartoon.

Largely, how so. Character names, and the Witwicky last name, and Peter Cullen aside. The plot - not G1. The character designs - not G1. The premise - not G1. The origin - not G1. The human supporting cast - not G1. The date of arrival - not 1984. The alt modes - not G1. So largely it's based on a brand new concept much like the last umpteen toylines and fictions produced by Hasbro. No surprise there.
If you want to create an X-Men movie, is the origin going to be exactly the same as it is in the comics? Exactly the same? Is Joss Whedon's Rogue and Wolvie is the same as it's in 616 X-Men or Ultimate origin. Does this mean it's not X-Men. Of course not. The directors and/or scriptwriters will take liberty on everything necessary to make the movie more believable and sellable to the audience. You can see from the Wiki page or any source about the TF movie that the lore heavily based for the movie is Generation 1.

Learn to read. No one said it was based on Beast Wars. Both me and Lars said it was a film which encompasses the last 23 years of TF history. Energon, Armada, IDW, Dreamwave, Marvel, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Transformers, Japan continuities included. We even get a reference to "diaclone" in the movie. So, no both your straw man representation of our argument and your piss poor assertions are both sadly incorrect.
I'm saying that the TF lore that's most researched for the movie is G1. And it has been proven and printed in Wiki. Lars has never been into the argument with me afterall.

And you're getting a mod report for that. Learn to debate civilly.
Bring it on. I'll turn you over to mod too if you do that.

At least I don't say "dumbass" in my post, I'm just cajolling over your weak argument with introducing Ironhide with gatling guns. Why do you get that sensitive?

The guy who did the voice of Rhinox does Ironhide's voice in the game dumbass.

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