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Default Re: Will there be a character's death in part 3?

Chris Evans said one thing and people started assuming and speculating by themselves. He is not done with Cap after the end of his contract.

He simply said he will focus on Directing instead of acting.

Avengers movies come once every 3 years and he can easily act once every 3 years for the Avengers only. Im pretty sure he will be in Avengers 4 & 5 with a better contract. Marvel can easily sign him for those two.

Eventually Chris Evans will be too old for the role and will depart but thats not coming soon.

He is not the biatch diva RDJ is.

Im not sure if they will kill Iron Man in Avengers 3 but Marvel is certainly DONE with RDJ after Avengers 3 (unless by some miracle he stops demanding 100-200 mil per movie). Thats opens a possibility for his character demise.They may not kill him but he wont be reprising his role anymore.

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