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Default Re: Will there be a character's death in part 3?

If Marvel is going with Thanos, I believe the answer is "most of them and Earth is destroyed."

The only heroes I'd keep alive after the first act are Luke Cage, Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Gamora, Iron Man and Drax. Depending on who gets introduced, I can also see Medusa, Black Panther and Ms Marvel surviving but only because they're new.

Even then, I'd kill off Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor and Black Panther at the halfway point, then by the end of the second act, Luke Cage, Medusa and Doctor Strange would bite it with Gamora defecting.

Finally, Captain America and Ms. Marvel would sacrifice themselves during the third act while Thanos would personally kill Hulk leaving Drax as the only survivor left to stop Thanos.

And then I'd have Gamora be secretly working against Thanos, Nebula would kill Gamora for her treason and Drax would be the one to kill Thanos for good in a mutual kill but with his dying wish, he restores everyone else to life using the Infinity Gauntlet.

The stakes would need to be THIS high to handle Thanos correctly. Anything less than an absolute bloodbath is unacceptable. And yes, the Eternals would first appear in Avengers 3 and they'd die right at the beginning just to show how awesome Thanos is. They'd be back after the credits.

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