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Default Re: Will there be a character's death in part 3?

Not to sound too mean, but I'd really like to see a few characters killed off as quickly as possible so that maybe the introduction of some other lesser known guys might feel the void.

Perfect example of this would be Capt America's current persona, Steve Rogers, gets knocked off and Bucky takes on the mantle in honor of his best pal.

I know asking for Iron Man's head would probably mean an indefinite finish to the characters involvement with future titles, but I'm sure they could figure out how to get Rhodes in a few suits. Actually speaking of Rhodes, I'm not a big fan of the slapstick back and forth comic relief his character plays. That could be said about a lot of these "side show" figures including Hawkeye.

Hopefully Spiderman can restore balance and make the Marvel Cinematic U more recognizable without the fanciness of all the high tech gear, just a guy who swings on some web and can climb walls...not that complicated. Please don't kill Spiderman.

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