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Default Re: Do you think the Red Skull will return?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
I'm not getting this whole "Weaving was awful" vibe that's floating around. I don't think the character met it's break out potential, but I'd say it was at the very least, a serviceable performance.

Apples and Oranges, since it's villain vs. hero, but I found Weaving's Red Skull better than Norton's Banner, which some posters claim was too good to let go of.
I never said Weaving was "awful," nor do I agree with that assessment; I just said that he lacked passion for the role. Which I forgive him for, since the writers made the role as stereotypical and one-dimensional as possible.

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
They can always get an actor who will be prepared to wear the Red Skull makeup full time, then that way it will be harder to tell that it isn't Hugo Weaving. His skull could easily have mutated or changed over the decades since the war.
More to the point: Skully was whisked off to Somewhere Else for the past 70 years, and that place could have transformed him physically in a major way.


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