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Default Re: Welcome to Lost Haven. A CAH recruitment

Originally Posted by Johnny Blaze View Post
On a serious note, NiteMare, have you ever considered doing a reboot? I know it's not the most desirable thing for some, but taking things back to the beginning with a fresh start might be a good thing.

Granted, there have been games where it hasn't worked, but there's been plenty of others where it has helped to save them. Given the concept of the CAH game, I prefer to lean towards the latter, though you may call me optimistic.
Yeah, but I dunno. It might be something to think about after this season, but who knows. Maybe once we've finished this season, I'll float the idea and see who's interested. Though, I think that with the nature of the game we really don't need a reboot, but I'm willing to do whatever has to be done. I'll see what everybody else thinks

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