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Default Re: How to avoid rehashing elements from the Nolan Trilogy

Yeah,I really miss the comic book fantasy element in a Bat film,Yes it had some in the in the Nolan trilogy But I mean more like Burton's films and Forever to an extend.

It has to be balanced though and not overdone like in the Schumacher films and especially B&R,Should be more like..

-Dark and Gritty:B'89

-Type of Gotham:B'89 or Begins

-Seriousness and characters handled:Nolan Trilogy

-Humor:Toned down version of Returns's dark humor

-Bruce Wayne:Similar to Val Kilmer or Christian Bale's

-Batman:Similar to Keaton or Val Kilmer's

Add all those elements together and more comic faithful:Perfect Bat film(IMO)

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