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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

No slight against the first Thor (which I love) but Thor 2 is amazing. I just saw it for the second time tonight and appreciated it even more. I feel it's got just as much heart as the first one but with higher stakes, more gravitas, enlarged mythos, wackier Kirby-esque concepts, and great performances across the board from all the characters. It's close to rivaling Avengers for me. If I could see a director's cut I bet it would surpass Avengers.

I do give Branagh a huge amount of credit for introducing Thor in a way he can actually work on the big screen along with building a great cast and supporting characters you actually care about in the second film. But I think Alan Taylor's got a hell of a touch. I'm amazed at how epic this felt for such a short run time. If Taylor had more movie making experience under his belt, I'm sure he would've been given a longer leash. He seems like a great team player and I hope he sticks around for another go with a bit more latitude next time.

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