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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
Thor TDW was bumpy in execution, but it was far more ambitious than the first movie, so I'll give it some leeway. I totally understand some of the complaints of the 2nd film, but I do think it's a better film. The first film is a good example of how to make a basic quality superhero film, but it certainly wasn't a game changer. I thought this film strived to be a game changer, but fell short. I'd rather reward a film for setting a high bar and failing to reach it, than a simple film for a solid base hit.
I somewhat agree with what you are saying, but this makes TDW all the more disappointing to me as it could have so easily been a game changer if Marvel wouldnt have meddled to much. Two things they have had a big influence in was the length of the movie and the amount of comedy, Taylor himself has said Marvel influenced these things and they both bring the movie down IMO.

Make the movie 15-20 mins longer, let the emotional and dramatic scenes breathe more, and dont have comedy scenes interspersed or happening seconds after said emotional and dramatic moments and already the movie would have been an improvement on what we actually got. A lot of the comedy in TDW worked and was funny, but it ruined too many important scenes for me. Marvel needs to learn IMO, the 3 movies they meddled with most, TDW, TIH and IM2, got the worst critical receptions out of all their movies, and the latter 2 are considered the worst by many as well.

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