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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by milost View Post
It's not an update though. An update implies progress. True, that's subjective but what's there with movie Bane other than, "protectah, looks tough, cries"? Talia stole his whole upbringing and flashback scenes in the twist. That's her development, not his.
I call bettering a character an update. His look was progress. I dont think it's just Talia's backstory. He was still born in that prison. He tells this to Batman in the first fight. He's an intelligent character so im assuming he taught himself how to read or just learnt "street smarts" along the way, if you know what i mean. For me the only that's changed is that he didnt escape the pit himself. That was done in this movie to make it seem like Bruce has more strength than Bane. Again, it's film dude. It's a different medium so they can do different interpretations. Nothing wrong with that.

Originally Posted by milost View Post
The comic version shows us a kid put in a prison for a crime he didn't commit and we see that child in that type of hell. We see his mother getting thrown to sharks, we see him having to stomp the guts out of rats for food. Hell, the symbolism of the little Osito bear representing his innocence which is then cast out along with the warden/dictator/officer with the sharks just like his mother has deeper meaning than anything with movie Bane. I'm sure this isn't your intent, but you make it sound like since you were a kid reading those things and they're older, they're somehow "elementary" compared to "the superior Tom Hardy version". I read those when they first were issued and Bane was much more well rounded than he is now.

Hell, his motivations for coming to Gotham and slowly breaking down Batman's physical, emotional and mental strength is much more interesting than, "I'm getting revenge and fighting for the ideals for a gang and dead leader that called me a monster, excommunicated and banished me".

Only thing movie Bane has on comic Bane is looks, but even then, a Mr. Clean looking dude with a gas mask and ugg coat being better than a luchador looking mercenary is debatable. And I'd like to think we all care more about character development and story than we do appearance here.
I do love his story in the comics. And i prefer seeing all that stuff too but i just take it as he's practically the same in the movie, we just dont see his upbringing. We're lead to think that we're seeing it, but it's Talias. But you never know, maybe the same **** happens to Bane as it does in the comics. I wasnt expecting to see Bane smashing rats lol. Animal cruelty in a PG blockbuster for a superhero that kids could see? Maybe. But i didnt expect it.

You can probably look at every character Nolan had and say it's a watered down version from the comics. But it's just not the comics and they werent trying to do that. I like seeing something new personally, something that has a twist to a character. If i want that Bane i have no problem reading his comics. Im not the type of fan who likes to see adaptations in movies. I rather a switch that way im surprised.

Originally Posted by milost View Post

That pit was supposed to be such a "hell" but the comics and prison movies like the Shawshank Redemption do a better job of conveying that real, grim darkness. That sense of hopelessness.

Seeing a kid smashing rats to survive and having to pull up with all his strength in order to survive as to not drown is much more real than a guy wrapped with a towel around his head defend a child . . . after living in a prison his entire life (if he even did). He didn't even try to make that climb. He didn't even ESCAPE himself!
Again, it's a different take and that's what i like to see. It's to show that Bane and Batman have a lot of similarities but Batman is stronger because he escaped and Bane didn't really.

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Then what is Blake exactly? A watered down version of a potential legacy Batman? That seems like unneeded fluff. I wouldn't want to see a Batman portrayed as not "really being Batman" or the Joker "not really being Joker" because then I'd question why they were included in the film at all. That's the problem with Blake. If it was "just a wink", then what's the point. Either interpret Robin or don't. Thank goodness they didn't do that with Batman or the Joker.
The robin name was the wink. The successor thing has nothing to do with that. It just falls in line with that nicely because the point of these robins in the comics is to take the mantle really, but the comics never get there because they need Bruce as Batman. But Blake taking over the legacy was a nod back to Begins where Bruce wanted to inspire people to take back their city (not gun wielding idiots with hockey pads). To stand up for gotham but he realized that there will always be crime and he doesnt want to die in the suit. Stop thinking about the source material for a second and just the story at hand. This Bruce decides to live his life and he gets the happy ending. The comics dont have a happy ending. Nolan gave people a gift, whether ppl agree with it or not. It's a gift. It's something fresh for the franchise. Especially on film, because im sure in 100 years Rises will still be the only movie that has Bruce getting a happy ending.

Blake takes the mantle because this universe shows us that it's not the man underneath. It's what the symbol stands for. So it goes from generation to generation. Which is why we dont have to see Blake in his "adventures". It's infinite. There will be a time when Bruce is dead and then there's no more Batman? I think that sucks. I like the idea of Batman being a legacy character.

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc
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