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Default Re: batman vs Superman box office prediction

Originally Posted by kguillou View Post
I could be wrong but I really don't believe the rumors about more than one film being made. I think they're just filming BvS. The only other reason I can think of why they're waiting is because Warner doesn't know where else they can place this film. Summer 2015 is now off the table, and Fall/Winter 2015 looks to be packed too with Bond, Hunger Games and Star Wars. They're not gonna release it in Jan-March of 2016, so I guess they figure they have to hold it until May. That's the only logic I can think of.

I can see them either moving it up one month in April if Marvel refuses to move. OR if Star Wars gets delayed, which could be very possible, maybe they'll move it to Dec 2015. I personally feel the Dec. slot would be soo perfect for this movie. It would CLEAN UP and basically have the Holiday season all to itself. Either way, if everything goes on schedule, the film will be finished and ready to go by this time next year.
Exactly. WB delayed HP6 like 6 months just to have a July movie, once JL:M fell through.

But then again, there is precedent for extending productions. WB decided to split both Potter and Hobbit into an extra film so it's not like they wouldn't revert to something like that. Could we be looking at Justice league itself as a two parter potentially, for 2019 and 2020? I know Batfleck would like to film close to BvS so I am still thinking 2017 is more likely, but maybe he and Snyder aren't completely committed to that as of yet. Not too keen on releasing Justice League the same year as Avengers 3 either. You want a full season to market with no other crazy competition in the mix.

Personally, I would hold off on Justice League until 2019. Do some expanded universe stuff in the mean time like Manhunter/GL reboot as an equivalent to Marvel's GotG. Anything that can support an entire sub-universe along with crossing over with Earth, which both those properties do. In reality, I think Justice League will be filmed soon after BvS and be out July 2017. They could give Affleck and Snyder off the entire Holiday 2015/2016 season before gearing up for Justice League early 2016.

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