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Default Re: batman vs Superman box office prediction

Originally Posted by Ita-KalEl View Post
After 10 years we can say that Superman and Batman are again two Triple-A franchises at Hollywood. Of course we have to check the appeal of the new Batman, but if we think that 8 years ago Batman and Superman combined were not able to generate the box office numbers of a Spiderman movie and now it's sure that TASM2 will do far less than The Man of Steel...yes something's definetely changed.
TASM2's middling box-office (in comparison to how much Sony spent on it) is more due to the film's quality and over saturation of the Spider-Man franchise in general. The reboot had a lukewarm reception, while the follow-up just didn't deliver (most of the action was shown in the trailers).

If WB moves this film to April, and it makes a high May or July o.w. weekend number (excess of $150M+), I can imagine a headline saying "No April Fool's Joke: 'Batman vs. Superman' breaks opening weekend record."

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