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Default Re: Fear the Walking Dead General Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by BestGirl View Post
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The audience has never really liked Travis, thinking he was a bit of a wuss, that might be why his death was not particularly climactic. One of his final acts was to kill a bunch of walkers so he did get a hero's ending of sorts.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Yeah, I suppose. But I always felt that was what made Travis's arc interesting. Rick for example, just seamlessly adapted to the zombie apocalypse/the tough decisions. He went from being sheriff to bad ass (albeit slightly mentally unstable) leader. And the world around him was already changed. The same has happened with Madison. She has just transformed from house wife to bad ass zombie killer/ruthless leader.

Travis, on the other hand, did not. And that is kind of the promise of FTWD. It was at the beginning. We'd get to see this guy transform from mild mannered teacher to hardened survivor. That was the journey we were following Travis on. And he took his first major step when he avenged his son. But then he is killed two episodes later? I dunno. I get this fanbase is impatient, but I liked Travis because he was something different. It was a slow descent for him. We were watching his adaptation to the zombie apocalypse unfold right before our eyes rather than just "boom, bad ass."

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