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Default Re: Fear the Walking Dead General Discussion Thread

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

My brother thought Travis was bitten when he revealed his stomach wound to Alicia. Instead of a fatal gunshot wound it would've made more sense for Travis to have been bitten by one of the infected during that zombie pit fight. In episode 3.1 after Travis successfully defeated the zombies in the pit the soldiers released another horde of zombies but the scene cuts away. It's later revealed during the aftermath that Travis was victorious once again and seemed to have survived without a scratch, which was a cop out, imo. I would have excused them cutting away like that if they were keeping it hidden that Travis got bitten or scratched during the 2nd pit fight. Tactics like that cheapen the suspense. Anyways I was surprised they killed Travis off by gunfire from a mysterious shooter, who the viewers never see on camera. Travis was adapting to this new world. And was beginning to understand how to survive it. I thought he'd have lived till at least the end of the season. I guess this is a sign that FTWD is more of the Clarks story/journey than the Manawas. Since Travis and his family from his first marriage are now dead.

I enjoyed both premiere episodes. This season is already off to a pretty good start. And though it was a bleak moment I'm glad we also got closure on Ilene (the grieving mother who stabbed Strand for killing her zombie daughter last season) almost thought the writers forgot about her character after that incident.

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