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Default Re: Best fight scene

Originally Posted by kirbyfan View Post
I disagree on some of these.

Iron Man vs Iron Monger was very good

Iron Man & War Machine vs the hammer Drones was very dissappointing, in fact that whole movie was very dissappointing!
I agree,
The IronMonger fight was short but pretty cool. I liked the banter between the two characters.The build up was great.

The fight at the end of IM2 was really unexciting. It took place in a fairy land cherry blossom garden too which was really odd. Drones are not exciting enemies and the Whiplash fight was so brief. You never even got a good shot of his suit because the fairy garden was so dark. He opened his helmet too.

Thor against those weird demons in the trailer looks cool. He looks great in that dark setting. Not so excited about seeing him in that white tent mud wrestling Shield agents but thats part of the plot I guess.

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