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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Originally Posted by demitri_vampiro View Post
he doesn't know how to use the characters properly. you could see that in FC most characters were under developed and had little dialog, much like the first 2 x-movies. also he doesn't know how to address and show the humans discriminating mutants problem. all we saw in his movies was a small group of people demonstrating against mutants. nothing major. singer doesn't know how to use secondary characters and doesn't have a big vision needed to make big blockbusters.
Even though one of the most powerful scenes in X2 was Bobby getting rejected by his own parents and his own brother turning him in to the cops for no reason whatsover.

Or that the entire plot of the first movie was comparing mutant registration to the Holocaust.

What movies have you been watching?

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