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Default Re: WHO will be the next announcement? [Round 1]

Originally Posted by Electrix View Post
If Storm was in the script when Vaughn was still attached to direct then she'll still be involved now. Studios push for casting decision all the time whether directors want it or not, and the producers are friendly with Halle so I can't see why she'd be cut when you have less popular characters (Iceman) returning.

I actually don't think Halle and Singer have any bad blood. They had a disagreement 10 years ago. It hasn't been a decade-long feud as some make it out to be.
Nah. Storm's role could undoubtedly be cut out in an afternoon of rewriting. Her character hasn't actually been a driving force in any of the films: she's just there to deliver a bit of exposition, a couple throwaway lines, and an effect sequence.

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