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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post

Nolan got a lot of critics with his fight scenes (some were maybe a little harsh considering the standard of it in american productions , but in a more general views they were weak). So its cool he made 2 one-on-one fight scenes , and both of them are quite good. They dont have a lot of elaboration in terms of choreography , but they are very well shot.
Looking at the difference in the trajectory of banes two punches.
Now why would the second punch be thrown higher than the last? No other reason other than it was either intended to hit batman on the top of the head or the choreography of this series is a little on the methodical side. Most of the bane fights prove to be this revealing sadly.

or many it was all planned to make batman think he had the upper hand...

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I felt like his head was more in the game. He played smarter, looked calmer.

He learned Bane's weakness while healing himself in the pit, so he did bring an edge to the fight.
I see this alot with nolan's batfilms. Fans need to extrapolate what really is just a lack of clarity in decisive directing. Same goes for Bruce vs League of Shadows. What could be a very well made point on a directorial level is just subtle enough to have people extrapolate where they well.

-When Ra's talks of ninja's ability to be invisible and then 2 show up from off camera...That point could have been a marvel.
-When we learn that bruce could hold his own in a truly hellish prison and that he has some training, that point could have been a revelation, instead it's a drunken brawl in a typical south east asian prison with a supposedly angry also somewhat man coming out on top.
-When Bruce demonstrates his skills against Ra's for the first time, this comes at the top of a mountain climb....and we're to extrapolate that bruce has tons of of skills but they just don't measure up? Um maybe you could stage this sequence better to the point actually arrives with clarity.
-and so many more.

I just wish points were made with more clarity and impact in these movies so that everyone could enjoy the ride.

That second fight with Bane needed a singular clarity. And not some convenient turn that then gave Batman a MUCH needed advantage.

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